Print for one of my favorite arcade games Mappy (also Mappyland) for Attract Mode’s Comics Vs. Games 2 show next month at TCAF.


Pokémon Masters





Hello! My name is Hamish and I’m the new Drawed Goods bloke! I wanted my first entry on this blog to be a goodun but didn’t know what to draw. So I took a look and some of the themes done in the dark times known as the pre-hamish-being-part-of-drawed-goods era and of course I had to draw my take on a Mario character, as its my favourite game series!

So here is the Great War, usurper of dreams and conquerer of Subcon - the villain in the overlooked Super Mario Bros. 2! 


YEAHHH HAMISH! So stoked!!!


Chrono Trigger illustrations — Akira Toriyama

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Roll is the best.

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Our second (mildly terrifying) gif comes to thee via Mike Nguyen AKA @LikeMikeNguyen Surprise!


Hey everybody! I’m having a Holiday Sale!

I’m offering color portraits for $25! All you’ll need to do is send me pictures of your wonderful face.

Tees are discounted too!!!! The Pocket Death Tee and Crow Dad Tee are now $15

These prices are only good through Xmas so get your butt in gear. Thanks!

Drawn This Way Episode 1



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Haven’t figured out how to get this damn thing on iTunes, but here is the podcast any way.

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Welcome to episode 1 of Cartoon Book Club. We discuss cartoons cus we enjoy them maybe too much? Our first ep dives into who we are, our “credentials” and the main topic: Klasky-Csupo. The past and some present? Future? We don’t know, but we watched a lot of Rugrats.

Next time, we will dive into the world of Doug and Douglike shows. What’s a douglike show? HERE’S A HANDY GUIDE. You can find most of this stuff on youtube or just google search the show and “watch online” and you’ll probably find something. Watch along with us when we dig deep into Doug.

We don’t have a set schedule of when the new shows will drop, but just follow us here and you’ll know.

Theme song: My Favorite Homepage by Paper Rad

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Polished this up today.  Still didn’t quite capture how beautiful and orange it is outside now, but this was fun!


I may never grow tired of monster and creature illustrations integrated into real-life photo settings, like these from Juan Carlos Paz Gómez’s Flickr stream.


Inspired by Costume Quest—a fantastic Halloween game that you can go grab right now for 50% off on Steam—which came out back in 2010 and has since been a part of my yearly Halloween tradition.

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In case you haven’t heard yet… Laura covered “No Children” by The Mountain Goats for the Tallahassee Turns Ten compilation. You can order the whole album here: