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Hey folks!

I’m happy to announce, officially, my next webcomic, “Fitz Funbot” (working title)!  I hope to debut it before the end of the year.  However, as I work to make some major life changes, I can’t guarantee a date at this time, so I can at least give you a “Coming Soon.”


Dr. Retta Rocket breaks up with her mad scientist boyfriend after he steals all of her robots and reprograms them to do his evil bidding.  She is left only with Fitz Funbot, a small child-like android built with a playful spirit and not a vicious circuit in his casing.  With the help of his hologram adviser, Octron, Fitz must use his silly logic to take on each of his dastardly siblings and protect the world from certain doom!

I hope that you like Fitz and Octron!  I’ll be sure to reveal more as it develops.  In the meantime, let me know your thoughts!


(As a side note, the project is in early development, so designs, names, and the synopsis may all be subject to change.)


So cute I cannot wait


TCAF was really wonderful: hanging out with good friends, drawing and getting psyched about comics. So much fun stuff happened and I left wanting to draw and make more things! 

Here is just a little handful of the amazing people who were at the show, you all are great!

(p.s Now I’m back in Britain, Indiegogo contributors will be hearing from me very soon.)

AHHH!!! I look like I kick so many butts every day.


Hey folks!

Mario’s journey would be so much easier if he had more choices like a certain blue robot we all know and love.  Show everyone how much you like choices with this awesome, retro-love-letter tee!

GO HERE TO PURCHASE THE SHIRT from my redbubble account!  (Shirt colors tend to look muddier on the site than in person, so fear not!)



Star Fox / Starwing, SNES.
Wish I was a space rogue scoundrel.

One time I heard Miyamoto wanted to make a live action puppet drama out of Starfox and I would watch the hell out of it.


Print for one of my favorite arcade games Mappy (also Mappyland) for Attract Mode’s Comics Vs. Games 2 show next month at TCAF.


Pokémon Masters





Hello! My name is Hamish and I’m the new Drawed Goods bloke! I wanted my first entry on this blog to be a goodun but didn’t know what to draw. So I took a look and some of the themes done in the dark times known as the pre-hamish-being-part-of-drawed-goods era and of course I had to draw my take on a Mario character, as its my favourite game series!

So here is the Great War, usurper of dreams and conquerer of Subcon - the villain in the overlooked Super Mario Bros. 2! 


YEAHHH HAMISH! So stoked!!!


Chrono Trigger illustrations — Akira Toriyama

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Roll is the best.

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Our second (mildly terrifying) gif comes to thee via Mike Nguyen AKA @LikeMikeNguyen Surprise!


Hey everybody! I’m having a Holiday Sale!

I’m offering color portraits for $25! All you’ll need to do is send me pictures of your wonderful face.

Tees are discounted too!!!! The Pocket Death Tee and Crow Dad Tee are now $15

These prices are only good through Xmas so get your butt in gear. Thanks!

Drawn This Way Episode 1




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